Who we are

Much like our name, which stems from the latin word for “pleasure”, our values are rooted in a passion for making healthy eating a pleasurable experience.
As a team of natural food enthusiasts, we understand the importance of nourishing your body with wholesome foods, but also of being able to enjoy the foods you eat. Our goal is to create wholesome products that inspire people to feel passionate about healthy eating.

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Our mission

Our mission is to promote delicious and nutritious foods that are produced using environmentally-conscious, organic farming practices. Our dedication to finding the most reliable sources around the world has helped us to build meaningful relationships with suppliers we trust, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality foods available.

Our values

We believe that the choices we make about the foods we eat and the way they are processed has a direct impact on individual health, the community, and the environment.

· Maintaining trusted relationships with our suppliers
· Operating with complete transparency for our customers
· Using sustainable, and environmentally-conscious practices
· Providing the highest quality organic products
· Guaranteed compliance with food safety standards

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Volupta products available for purchase?

Please contact us via email or send us a direct message through the contact form to inquire about where to purchase our products. Visit our contact page for further information.

What is the shelf life on your products?

The shelf life varies from product to product, depending on the specific ingredients that each product contains. Please refer and adhere to the “sell by” date provided on the packaging.

What is the best method for storing your products?

Refrigeration is not required, however we do suggest storing your products in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Heat may adversely affect the quality and freshness of the product.

Do your products contain any known allergens?

Some of our products do contain allergens that are naturally found in specific ingredients. For more information about potential allergens, please refer to the product page “Nutrition” section.

Are your products guaranteed
Non-GMO verified?

We guarantee that all of our products are Non-GMO verified, free of genetically modified organisms, irradiation, and sewage sludge and are 100% compliant with all USDA national organic standards.

Where can I find the cooking instructions for each product?

For information regarding cooking instructions and suggested uses please refer to the product page “Kitchen” Section.

Is Volupta cacao powder raw?

Our cacao powder is not raw since the temperature throughout the process varies from 45 to 130 Celsius. To bring out the chocolate flavor and color, the beans are roasted.
Raw products are considered those processed with temperature below 42 Celsius.

Is Volupta cacao powder processed with chemicals

Our cacao powder is not processed with chemicals to preserve its natural benefits.

Is Volupta cacao powder cold pressed?

Our cacao is not cold processed since roasting is part of the product process

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