Quality you can trust

At Volupta, we believe that quality ingredients make quality products. From point of origin and harvest to processing, packaging and distribution, we strive to provide our customers with the most nutrient-dense and delicious foods of the highest quality standard.

At Origin - Our Sources

Our dedicated team works hard to maintain strong relationships with farmers from around the world to source only the highest quality ingredients that are harvested using certified national organic standards. We are dedicated to building a network of trustworthy suppliers who share in our commitment to quality, working only with reputable, family-run farms who use regenerative farming practices. By remaining closely connected to our suppliers, we can guarantee the quality of our products, and can continue to deliver pure and nutritious foods from our farms to your family.

Production and packing

We understand that the care we put into packaging our products is just as important as the care we put into sourcing them. In order to ensure that our quality standards are met, we work hard to manage all aspects production, working with the most recognized laboratories all over the world to carry out controlled testing at every step of the supply chain. Volupta products are packed in facilities that apply the following food safety procedures and certifications to guarantee the highest quality standard:

· HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
· GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
· GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) with food safety management scheme


We conduct regular testing to ensure purity and compliance with organic, non-gmo, and kosher standards. Volupta products are available with the following certifications:

USDA organic certification

The organic certification ensures that all products are produced and handled in accordance with the requirements specified by the USDA. Volupta is certified with the USDA National Organic Program through Global Culture, therefore all of our products are guaranteed free of all chemical dyes, synthetic additives and pesticides.


Non-Genetically Modified Organism Project Verification, is an independent reviewer that guarantees that all products are made using the best practices for GMO avoidance. Volupta products are certified NON-GMO through the FCID certifier, and are guaranteed free of all genetic modification processes.


OU kosher certification

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America is the exclusive owner of the OU Kosher Logo certification mark, an internationally registered trademark for kosher verification. Volupta is in complete compliance with kosher global standard and all of our products are packed at kosher certified facilities.

Most of our products are available as gluten-free or vegan and are free from all preservatives and artificial flavors.